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August 17, 2010

The Importance of Speed in Online Shopping

Prior to the ubiquity of high-speed Internet, slow websites could hide behind even slower modems. The entire Internet was slow and everyone was patient. Fast forward to today where high-speed Internet is the standard and every site is expected to load instantly. Now, when the page doesn’t load, the site is blamed and the user has left for one of many alternatives. According to a recent study by Forrester Consulting, “40 percent of consumers will wait no more than three seconds for a web page to render before abandoning the site.” The study also shows that a slow site makes shoppers less likely to come back and might even prevent them from buying at a retailer’s physical store.

The Forrester report is similar to Google’s own tests that show slowing search results by milliseconds resulted in users searching less and abandoning their site earlier. Even when search results were reverted to regular speeds, users who experienced the delay took longer to return to previous usage levels. Once again, another study showing that a slow site has immediate and long-lasting consequences. Google recently announced that they are now using site speed in web search ranking. Now, a slow site will not only affect a user staying on your site but getting to your site.

According to Jacob Nielsen, one of the web’s leading usability consultants, speed is the difference between the user feeling that they are in control versus the user feeling that your website is in control. Nielsen mentions that “when companies make us wait instead of providing responsive service, they seem either arrogant or incompetent…when sites shave as little as 0.1 seconds off response time, the outcome is a juicy lift in conversion rates.”  Which brings us to our next major point.

Your website represents your brand on the web. Shoppers expect great customer service when shopping in person and these expectations still hold for online shopping. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites focus on the shopping cart instead of the shopping experience. Before the good deals, the free shipping, and the easy returns, there is the most important feature–the shopping experience. Would you shop in a physical store that had a messy window display or made it difficult to browse their selection? How about if you had to wait in line to get in? The window display, store navigability, and fast service are equivalent to design, usability, and speed in the online world. Good design, an intuitive interface, and a fast site have been proven to increase traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Slow sites kill sales. We go to great lengths to optimize our e-commerce solution for speed. Ignite Commerce is hosted on the same servers that power the world’s largest Internet retailer, Amazon. All images are hosted on Amazon’s global content delivery network to ensure instant display to shoppers all over the world. The front-end is written in Ajax to eliminate unnecessary page loads and respond to shopper actions instantly. Faceted search gets shoppers to their destinations quicker. From the server to the browser, we’ve optimized at every step to create the world’s fastest shopping experience. Learn more about Ignite Commerce.

August 6, 2010

Native iPhone app for Netsuite E-commerce

Ignite Commerce is the #1 choice for revamping your NetSuite storefront. Now we have taken the same effective e-commerce strategy to the Apple iPhone. NetSuite customers can now have their own fully branded native iPhone application. Customers can download your application from the App Store, see all your products and then checkout through NetSuite. We manage the whole process from branding to deployment to updates.

Learn more about Ignite Commerce Mobile. Ignite Commerce Mobile.

August 4, 2010

Faceted Search for Magento

Ignite Commerce fully integrates with Magento. If you have an existing Magento store or would like to migrate to Magento, you can use all the features of Ignite Commerce, including the enterprise strength faceted search (guided navigation) technology. Faceted search provides your users unique ways to shop. With Ignite Commerce you can add or share links to specific states of a faceted search.

For example:*gender/women*category/accessories/wallets/*color/black

You can define the facets that would like to expose on your e-commerce site, popular choices are category, price, color, size, brand, and there are no limitations.

If you sell computers, you would likely want shoppers to be able to filter on hard-drive size or cpu speed. You can have as many facets as you would like. Each facet can also be configured for single or multi-selection, which gives the retailer the ability to control how the shopper interacts with a given facet. A common example being – “I want to see shoes in size 9 or 10″, while possibly limiting the shopper to only select one brand at a time.

Learn more about the powerful combination. Ignite Commerce and Magento.

July 23, 2010

Ignite Commerce and NetSuite

Ignite Commerce fully integrates with NetSuite. NetSuite customers can now provide their users: faceted search (guided navigation), 100% Ajax (no page refreshes, etc.) and more.
Learn more about the powerful combination. Ignite Commerce and NetSuite.